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Looking for Discounted LASIK? Know When You're Getting a Good Value.

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"You get what you pay for"...or so the expression goes.

Some providers may advertise rock-bottom prices for LASIK, but its important to take into account what you are getting for your money, especially when it comes to your eyes and your vision,

For example, it is important to find a physician who has a trustworthy background. Reputable doctors rarely use marketing ploys such as "bait and switch,” where you arrive looking for one deal and find out it’s not really what was advertised (the provider switches your offer to a plan that is “perfect” for your problem vision, although a lot more expensive).

Other times, providers may be brand new in the field, with minimal experience performing corrective surgery.  They could also be using outdated equipment or failing to use the most modern methods of LASIK surgery.

You also want to go to a doctor that not only uses the best LASIK technology, but also maintains the latest diagnostic equipment, as great measurements are critical for great outcomes.

Practices that offer low cost LASIK, may also skimp in other, less noticeable ways. Will you see a physician for your pre-operative examinations? Will that same person perform the procedure? Who is actually doing the surgery and what technology do they employ? Is post-operative follow-up care and enhancements included in the price? 

At Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, we know that skilled eye surgeons and top technology are critical for obtaining optimal visual results. For example, Dr Rapoza, a leader in the industry, only uses iLASIK technology. This special type of LASIK procedure is the only truly customized, personalized LASIK on the market. 

Before signing on to any great “deals,” check with our staff and we’ll help you compare what value you are getting for your money. We know that you will find that when working with our team, you get great service, highly trained surgeons using the latest LASIK methods and the best results possible.

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