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Press Release - ORA Advanced Cataract Surgery

June 2013

Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston introduces  the ORA System® with VerifEye™, a key intra-operative measurement device that sets new standards for cataract surgery patients.  

                                                                        ORA-Guided Cataract Surgery
                                                        Now Available to all OCB Cataract Patients


Boston, MA – Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston is pleased to announce that it was one of the first in New England to offer a breakthrough cataract procedure technology that enables surgeons to provide LASIK-like visual quality results for its cataract patients. The ORA System® with VerifEye™, is an advanced, revolutionary new way to analyze the eye during cataract surgery.

ORA-guided cataract surgery enables surgeons to take measurements of the eye during the procedure, after the clouded cataract is removed, when the doctor has a clear view of the eye.

It is an intraoperative device that provides refractive guidance for selecting the power of the intra-ocular lens (IOL), determines the magnitude and axis of astigmatism and other key lens measurements. These precision measurements help ensure that the IOL is perfectly selected and perfectly placed, enabling the surgeon to tailor each treatment specifically for the unique refractive needs of each patient.

ORA-Guided cataract surgery is compatible with all standard and premium lens implants. It is also available for previous refractive (LASIK/PRK) patients.

“We’re extremely pleased to offer ORA-guided surgery with VerifEye™ to treat cataracts” said Dr. Rapoza. “When you add ORA-guided surgery with VerifEye™ to cataract surgery, the result is a more precise, more refined visual outcome for my patients.  This is what advanced cataract surgery is all about…incorporating technologies that can increase the accuracy of the procedure, leading to optimized visual outcomes for patients. This advancement marks a real turning point in the field of cataract surgery”.

The ORA System with VerifEye offers advanced guidance that results in increased confidence for the surgeon and optimized outcomes for patients. It’s a breakthrough in cataract surgery that helps patients achieve better vision for life. An ORA-guided cataract procedure provides the security of knowing that patients are afforded the best possible outcome, while reducing the chance of needing an additional procedure. 

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Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston

50 Staniford Street, Suite 600

Boston, MA 02114


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