LASIK Patient

I decided to get Lasik when my astigmatism could not be corrected by contacts.  I didn’t want to have to live my life in glasses all the time, especially because I am active.  The staff at OCB has been extremely caring and professional.  They’ve answered all my questions and made sure I was healing properly during regular routine follow ups, which were reassuring after the procedure.  Dr. Rapoza is friendly and very knowledgeable.  I trusted him with my eyes and I’m glad I did.  My vision is excellent at 20/15 and astigmatism is a thing of the past.  When I see people fumbling with contact lenses and glasses, I’m always grateful that I can just wake up in the morning and see perfectly clear without all the trouble and expense.  The procedure pays for itself after a few years because you don’t have to buy glasses or contacts anymore!  Thank you Dr. Rapoza!